Alfea Prep Dormitory (Season 1) Edit

The Dormitory is where majority of the girls spend their time at Alfea Prep. Each dorm has a dorm hall head as well on those who have good behavior and good grades can become dorm heads.

Freshman Dormitory (Butterfly Hall) Edit

The butterfly hall is an optional dormitory for Freshman fairies. Freshman fairies have an opportunity to dorm in different parts of the entire building. Each section is divided up between different types of powers and ablities. Fairies do not have an option to choose who they room with in the butterfly hall until they earn their Charmix powers.

Freshman Hall 1: Life Hall Edit

The life hall holds dormitory rooms one through five which has two different styles of dorms. The two different styles of rooms are either triple or quad meaning it's impossible to have a room to themselves. Recently however, with the edition of witches to Alfea Prep one to two witches will dorm with one or two other fairies. The life dorm holds powers revolving Earth magic: Included are water and nature powers as well.

Dormitory Head: (Coming Soon)

Dorm #1 Members:

  • Gabriella
  • Luncestta
  • Tricia
  • Zoe

Freshman Hall 2: Light Magic Edit

The light hall has big open windows for fairies who need light as their source of energy!

Dormitory Head: (Coming Soon!?)

Dorm #6 Members:

Freshman Hall 3 Edit

Freshman Hall 4 Edit

Sophomore Dormitory (Fairy Dust Hall) Edit


Senior Dormitory (Senior Hall) Edit