Season 1: "We Are Vlindix Club"Edit

In the first season of Vlindix Club we meet a young girl named Zoe who is the daughter of Flora one of the members of Winx Club. She recalls what happened in the past 20 years since the end of the series including the creation of the new magic school named Alfea Prep created by the Winx Club fairy Guardians. She also tells us that the school is a magical barrier to protect Magix using an ancient magic created by the Dragon flame an another lost art. In that 20 years there has also been a balance of peace in the magical universe that is until the Head Mistress decides to allow witches into the school. 

Chapters Edit

01. "Out of the Past into the Present" 

02. "Alfea Prep Opening Ceremony"

03. "When Enemies Become Friends" 

04. "Witch Pride"